Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 4th!!

It is always an amazing thing to celebrate a holiday such as this here. Rained like the dickens all day, but we were able to put together a BBQ under an awning. All the Europeans were bugging us to have a party. Let's see there were: Brits, Irish, Scottish, Romanians, Luxembourgers, Polish, and Austrians there today. In fact, there were many more Brits that any other nationality. I had to tease them about us kickin' their &#@^%*&%&* out of America. :-) They wore their red, white, and blue today. It was a blast even without the fireworks.

God Bless America!


Brent said...

Mike Lee: American cultural ambassador... :-P

Anonymous said...

One of my most memorable was in Japan on the 4th of July on a U.S. Air force base in a hanger with the Air Force band playing the Star Spangled Banner. 3,000 men, women, and children - not a dry eye in the house as we heard our National Anthem played a long way from home.

Michael Lee said...

The one thing that has become very clear here is that we are Americans to the depths of who we are. In first considering coming, we wondered if we would ever end up back in the States, especially the West.

Well, I know that a fish can live outside of water for a time but will eventually die. We are the same. I don't think we could flourish without getting back to the Western U.S. There are just some things that are required for life... :-)

There are days we sure miss home!