Sunday, July 29, 2007


I was talking to someone during my trip home about the studies I am doing at the ITI and what possibilities it opens up for the future. I realized they had a common misconception about the ITI and thought I would try to clear it up here.

The ITI, as currently structured, gives Pontifical degrees in theology. These degrees are not awarded by the ITI but by the Vatican itself. The ITI does have a specialization that only really affects the Licentiate degree in theology (STL). The Pontifical "Masters" (STM) degree does not have that specialization. In fact, both the STM and the STL are degrees in theology first, and marriage and family second. Thus, when I graduate, I will not be a moral theologian that can only deal with issues concerning marriage and family. In other words, I am not relegated to be a high powered Marriage prep person or limited to subjects such as the Theology of the Body (although that is a very interesting subject!)

I am much more interested in Dogmatic or Systematic Theology. Since the degrees at the ITI are primarily a training in the full breadth of theology, I will not be limited to a certain aspect of theology. My hope is to get a doctorate in Dogmatic or Systematic theology. This will enable me to teach a broad expanse of theological topics.

Anyway, I offer this in hopes of clarifying where I am headed. :-)


Theocoid said...

Did you say this would take another 5 years? I'm considering what my educational path looks like, and that sounds to be the case at very least from where I stand now.

Michael Lee said...

Depends. I have four more here to get the Licentiate. After that, I hope to return to the States after enrolling in an institution such as the Regina Apostolorum so that I can do the doctorate as I work. I imagine that the doctorate would take several years at the pace I would be able to work on it.


Theocoid said...

Your very welcome!