Saturday, April 28, 2007

Bronc O. Buster...

Or should that be Mutt O. Buster? He has got his eyes in the middle, toes turned out, and spurrin' the hair off that mutt. (If you look close, you can see that he has little cowboy booties on :-))

Friday, April 20, 2007


The podcast that Brent Brown, Mike Englesby, and I produce was just picked up by an international podcast network called the Star Quest Production Network (SQPN). Six out of the top ten shows listed on PodcastAlley in the Religion category are SQPN affiliates. Don't ask me why they picked us up! Lapse of judgment, I think. ;-)

Please check out the Into the Deep our podcast either at: Into the Deep SQPN or our blog at where you can download the shows, also.


Monday, April 16, 2007

First Communion!!

Zach received his First Communion on Divine Mercy Sunday with four other kids. It was a joyous occasion. He had been working very hard to prepare himself for receiving Jesus. He told me when he received that felt Jesus. God is so good!! Zach has already asked Father Dave when the next altar server training is. He is ready to join his big brother!

Gotta throw one in of Cody incensing the congregation. His favorite thing to do is be the thurifer.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Bapatism (as Eli would say...)

Well, there is a new saint in the Kingdom of God! (Hope he stays that way ;-)). It was really a beautiful Vigil. I've never been in a place before where the Vigil is PACKED, and the Sunday Mass is about 1/2 full. Father Dave was wonderful. When we got to the front of the church, he whispers to me "Do you want it poured on his head, or do you want to dunk him?" Of course, I said "DUNK HIM!!" We had to strip him (great pictures for his future wife or religious superior). I was praying that there were no surprises in the diaper! Yes! God is so good - clean as a whistle. So we got him naked and dunked him. It was magnificent!
The whole gang around the tomb.

Father Dave Pivonka dunkin' the naked kid!

The little saint and his Godmother - Ginger Mortensen.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Sacraments, Sacraments, Sacraments...

The Lee family will be receiving several sacraments this Easter! Zach received his First Reconciliation last night. It was so cute. He was supposed to go next Saturday, but he came up to me at the church last night almost in tears saying, "Dad, I need to go to Confession so I can get my sins forgiven!" So we went to Father Dave and asked if we could "go early". Zach has not stopped talking about it yet. He says he wants to go weekly 'cause it is so good to feel clean. He receives his First Communion next Sunday on Divine Mercy Sunday...fitting, huh? He has a little suit and is SO excited!

This Saturday, at the Vigil, Ezekiel will be baptized. He will be the only one receiving a Sacrament of Initiation that night. It will be very special.

We hope and pray that everyone would have a blessed Triduum!!