Sunday, October 01, 2006

Happy Feast Day!! Cont...

What a joyous day!!! Today is the 10th Anniversary of the founding of the ITI by Pope John Paul II in 1996. As I said in an earlier post, St. Therese of Liseux is a patroness of the ITI. The institute was founded on her Feast day.

We had a huge celebration today. A beautiful Mass at the parish church in Gaming. It was done in English, Latin, and French ( in honor of St. Therese). It was a full blown solemn Mass with all the smells and bells. In this parish, there is a painting of Our Lady of Mount Carmel giving the Brown Scapular to St. Simon Stock. The painting must be 15 ft. tall. Totally appropriate, I think. I am still trying to remember to get pictures of the church downtown.

Afterward, we all went to a local restaurant and feasted as a community. It was very special. Now it is back to hit the books to prepare for the week.

There was one bad thing...I had to pull a tick out of Zach's head today. Man, that was gross. I hope he is OK. We are calling the doctor tomorrow - that poor kid. He seems to always be the one who gets these kinds of things happening to him.

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