Thursday, October 05, 2006


I had to show you a picture of this ------------->

This is an Austrian Student Visa. Remember, when we left the USA the expectation was that Debbie and the kids would have to leave after 90 days because there was no way to get a visa...none.

God in his goodness and sovereignty called us anyway because he knew that he had it all taken care of. We all have visas and will all be able to stay. Praise God!!

The only bad thing about the visas is that they cost 110 Euro each!! Ouch! It was almost $900 today just to have the privilege to stay.

This leads to a prayer request. Austria offers health insurance to its citizens. Unfortunately, at this time, the government will not enroll us in the insurance. If we got it, the cost would only be about 100 Euro a month for the whole family!! However, since there are very few private health insurance plans over here, they are VERY expensive. We would ask that you please pray that God would open a door for us to have the student health insurance. It will help us with the birth of the baby and protect us from any catastrophes. As for now, we are uninsured. Thus, please pray for God's protection until such time when we can get the student insurance. Thanks!!!

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