Sunday, October 01, 2006

Deb's Pilgrimage to Poland continued (3)

Early the next morning we headed out to our next destination, Krakow. Here we would tour "Wawel, the royal castle, several churches, the Archbishop's Palace, and the University where John Paul II was trained and finally onto shopping in the Main Square of Krakow. A busy morning with the highlight for Felicity being McDonalds. (We might miss Americana just a little.) It did not feel much like a pilgrimage, but more of a tourist trip at this point. The streets of Krakow are beautiful yet with all the poverty you would see in any large city in America.

We then headed onto one of the most moving sights upon our trip and probably the main reason God had gotten me to Poland. The "Divine Mercy Sanctuary" with the original painting of the Divine Mercy and the tomb of Sr. Faustina. What an amazing experience this was for me. By this time the girls (Felicity and her friend Elizabet) were on overload and they needed a break. So they climbed the tower of the newly erected basilica and sat in the shade on the lawn. While I attend a talk by a little nun in Sr. Faustina's order. Someone had commented on the bus that these were the most beautiful woman they had ever seen and they couldn't even see there ears with their habits. They were right, this tremendous woman of God touched my heart deeply. As I sat and listen to this woman and wept I realized the Lord was speaking directly to me about our Lord's Mercy and how it is so very intimate. We are like a child within His womb and that His broken body and blood are poured out for you and I on the altar daily. And this sense of "MORE" always more. He always is giving us more and more of Himself. At the base of the Divine Mercy painting it says, "Jezu ofam tobie" (Jesus I trust in you.) Do we really believe this. As this little tiny nun looked deep into my eyes I knew she was asking me this question, "Do you entrust your life in Him?" Do we really know and believe He loves us so much with such mercy and love. That He will take care of us, and is always wanting to give us more. She said think of the most merciful thing God has done for you, He wants to do more!!! More Mercy! I left this talk in utter assurance that God has everything in His hands and that our lives our His and our purpose will be fulfilled in Him. I left and walked alone up to the chapel to see the original picture of the Divine Mercy, not realizing it was 10 to 3. I was the last to enter the chapel and was able to kneel on the cobblestone floor to say the Divine Mercy Chaplet in Polish for my life and the lives of all other mothers and my family. It was beautiful. I then not knowing where I was going exactly got to go up and kiss the bones of Sr. Faustina and see the original painting of the Divine Mercy. At that moment I knew just how deep His love and mercy extends for each and everyone of us. An experience you just cannot put into words exactly. Christ loves us so very much, His love is immeasurable.

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