Saturday, June 09, 2007


I thought I would begin to post the different books that I am reading for different classes. I know it is tough sometimes to find an appropriate book that is orthodox and a wonderful read. Here are a few of gems:

This a must read about Jesus. Focused in the Gospels themselves, Guardini gives wonderful reflections on the Lord! It has a real contemplative feel to it.

Of course, everyone should read the book by the Holy Father. It is not too technical for the popular reader. It is more 'technical' than Guardini's book, however. The Holy Father spends more time doing exegetical work especially philology (word studies). It is a fantastic book to counterbalance all the garbage people see on the Heresy (History) Channel about the Gospels.

The Synopsis of the Four Gospels is a must for anyone trying to understand the Gospels more deeply. It puts all four Gospels side-by-side in columns so you can directly compare what each of them says. It is really amazing!

Spiritual reading of this sort is always the compliment to prayer. One must know about Jesus (so we can enter into the Truth) as one knows Jesus through prayer. It has to be both. Without the knowledge we easily fall into misconceptions, and you can't love what you do not know. If we do not know him in prayer, then the faith becomes a philosophy of living rather than an encounter with a person (cf. Deus Caritas Est #1).

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