Thursday, September 14, 2006

Mariazell continued...

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I am amazed at the grace that was poured out as a result of the pilgrimage. There have been many wonderful changes within my heart. I wish that all of you could do the same. I wanted to post some pictures of the trip. Sorry that this will make the blog load very slow for you dial-up types. This is a good indication that you need dsl! ;-)

Here is a picture of Felicity and Cody at a restaurant that was literlly stuck on the side of the mountain. I have no idea how they got anything in or out of there. Had the best smellin' crepe soup in the world. Felcity got a bowl. We were four hours into the pilgrimage at this point.

This shot is looking back to the right of the last. It shows the bridge that we had to cross to get to the restaurant.

This looks back down the trail we just came up to get to the restaurant. You can see that this was flat out hiking. We spent four hours along this beautiful creek.

Pilgrims on their way...

The beautiful Austrian countryside

The tired pilgrims after about 7 hours of walking...

Anyway, it was a marvelous trip. One that I will never forget...but just being here is a pilgrimage in many ways (and in many ways it is just trying to live). I was thinking that I have not attended a regular Mass (Novus Ordo) in English in more than a week! Last Sunday was the Byzantine Divine Liturgy in English with Tom and Cookie Sorge. Monday was Novus Ordo in Latin with all the smells and bells. Tuesday was Novus Ordo in German. Wednesday was Byzantine Divine Liturgy in English. Today (Thursday) was Novus Ordo in Latin with all the smells and bells.

I am hoping to get you some pictures of the Byzantine Divine Liturgy that opened the school year. It was held in the Kartause Maria Thron...It was amazing!

OK, enough for now!

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