Saturday, September 23, 2006

Happy Birthday Eli and Debbie!!

Today (Saturday) is Eli's birthday and tomorrow is Debbie's. Eli is 4, and Debbie is 29. ;-) We had a wonderful day. Amazing how hard it is to even find birthday candles! Here are a couple of pics of the birthday boy.


Anonymous said...

So where is the picture of the Birthday Girl? ;-)

I hope Eli and Deb both had wonderful birthdays!!

Trudy C

gregg m said...

Are you figuring deb's age in metric years now? By the way you will probably be hearing from a person from our college days soon if not already. later

gregg and jj

birthday candles

Shack 'n Skye said...

Mike, I am getting mixed feelings from your blog site. I thought the Lord wanted me to work on my patience so I have kept my dial up, but you are indicating I should go to DSL. I could use a little more input...take your time responding...I will start reloading your site now. Should only take 5 or 6.....hundred......hours!!
The letter and Blog is great.
Glad all is well, it's a blessing and a sacrifice for you all. Idaho misses you too!
Shack and Skye

Shack 'n Skye said...

Just kidding about the responing part.
Is the beer cold? I have been told they drink it warm which has kept me from....well, leaving the country.

Michael Lee said...

See how I have helped you decide to enter the 21st century!! DSL is a requirement for faith and sanity. Jesus would definitely have it. 8^>

The beer is cold here, and I haven't found one that I don't like. I am waiting for an English buddy to take to the "Land O' Ales".

I do hope you get to see this message as you wait for it to download....