Monday, September 14, 2009

Zeke’s Trip to the Dentist

DSC_0477We discovered that Zeke was having some troubles with his teeth while we were in Austria. When we got here, it was confirmed that he had decay in his front two teeth that required either pulling the teeth or drilling and filling them. Sigh…

Debbie called around to different pediatric dentists and received the same response: he would have to go to the hospital and be anesthetized. The procedure would cost about $3000. Gulp.

She kept calling and found Dr. Roy Rodgers in Boise. He was confident that Zeke could be treated in office. He gave Zeke a “dragon nose,” which is the nose piece for the nitrous oxide, to take home, play with, and get used to. We played with Zeke’s dragon nose over the last couple weeks in preparation for today. Of course, we were concerned that Zeke would freak out, and we would end up at the hospital. We are so grateful to Dr. Rogers. He and his nurse worked so hard to keep Zeke calm. In the end, Zeke was calm for the entire procedure. They were able to do everything they needed to do on his teeth. If we had to do this in Austria, it would have been a train wreck. The level of patient care within dentistry is very crude there. God was very good to the Lee family today!

We *highly* recommend Dr. Rogers if you ever have the need for a pediatric dentist. They were wonderful!!

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