Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Grotto of St. Mary Magdalene

Tradition has it that St. Mary Magdalene ended up in France after the diaspora of the disciples after the destruction of the Temple. Here is a website maintained by the Dominicans that guard the holy cave: The history of the cave and the connection to the saint can be read here:

The ITI went on a week-long pilgrimage through France. It was a wonderful trip with much sacrifice. We drove a van and spent two nights sleeping in the van and three nights driving until 3am. It was worth it, though. Here are some pictures of the grotto.




View from the bottom of the hill. You can see the facades of the buildings in the center of the bluff near the top.



A close-up of the grotto.



The view from the top.



Entrance into the cave.



The altar in the cave.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mike, I am Marge DiLorenzo, Director of Nazareth Retreat Center in Boise...we have been to the Grotto of St Mary of my favorite places in the world!! We have some of the same pictures you posted, and it took me right back to the day we walked up to visit the Grotto...thanks for sharing!! Hope all is well, prayers and blessings.

Michael Lee said...

Hi Marge! The Grotto is an amazing place. It just about killed me to push a stroller op there, though. I hope that someday we can go back. It was so peaceful in the cave.

I hope and pray that my sincere and deep appreciation for allowing me to use the Nazareth facilities this summer reached you. If not, let me take this moment to express my heartfelt gratitude for the grace of using Nazareth this summer. It was a huge help to us.

May God bless you with a renewed heart this Lent.