Saturday, February 03, 2007

Poor Priests and Poker...

Say that three times fast... ;-)

We have had a little poker gathering on a couple Friday nights with the priests and profs from Franciscan University. What a blast! It is so fun to gather with people that are interested in having fun - but good, clean fun...which is 'funner' that the 'fun' I used to have before I knew the Lord!

We have two Franciscan Priest's that host the get together. What fantastic men. They even have enough money for the massive €2 buy-in!! ;-) The first time we played I won the whole night. I got creamed the time after that.

When you live in a place where you have no car, no TV, no radio, no movie theater, etc. it sure is nice to have good company, good food, and especially good cards!

It is so good to be Catholic!

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