Saturday, January 27, 2007

What's the Time?

Time to hit the snow.

Dateline January 27th, 2007: Gaming, Austria.
The world sledding championships were held today in Gaming Austria, a small village in the Eastern portion of the scenic country. The competition boasted contestants from the United States, England, Slovakia, and Austria. High winds and blowing snow made conditions extremely difficult. For the first time in history an American competitor was named the champion. Zechariah Lee, better known as "Zach Attack" (pictured below), hails from Kuna Idaho, a small village in South-Central portion of the state. He attributes his success to rigorous training on a Nintendo GameBoy SP, homeschooling, losing four front teeth (for aerodynamics), and the sweet green goggles given to him by his parents. To celebrate he wishes he could go to McDonalds, but will get some good home cooking instead.

Herr Michael Lee, the President of Buffalo Chips Potato Chips, (shown here from an undated file photo) said that "Zach Attack was a fierce competitor and that the entire USA can be proud of their sledding champ". Buffalo Chips Potato Chips announced a multi-year deal made with the new champ. We can expect Zach "Zach Attack" Lee to star in a new series of commercials touting the new Buffalo Chips product called "prairie pancakes".

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