Wednesday, January 17, 2007

My Eyes Were Opened by Homeschooling

There are many schools of thought on homeschooling. Some are good and some are bad. I just wanted to share our experience for people who still have their kids in the school system. If we came back to the states right now Mike and I would have to discern if we still were going to home school or not. Lets just say starting from scratch with a 7th grader, a 6th grader, and a 1st grader has been quit the challenge.

But the part I really wanted to share is that we thought that our kids were getting a great education. We were in a strong school district and our kids were doing great. We were very pleased with the teachers and the schools our children were placed in. We realized our kids were exposed to somethings that we weren't excited about, but we had made sure we addressed those things with them regularly. Our children were considered the top of their class and were charting off the ISAT tests. So we felt great about the education that our kids were getting and the work we were helping them complete for school.

Since we have started homeschooling, what we have realized is that with the program "No child left behind", the schools were targeting their efforts to the lowest child. So the fact that our kids were doing so exceptional meant nothing. Our kids were not being challenged at all and when we started to home school we were met with a huge struggle and with lots of tears. Now we are more hands on and know what are kids are learning. We are making sure they are working at a level to help them develop to their full potential. If we ever came back to the states and decided to put our kids back in school, I would most certainly be supplementing their education, so that my kids would reach their full potential. I am not pushing either way for homeschooling or not, I still feel that is a decision that parents have to discern through with the Lord. What I am cautioning parents about is when in the school system, private or public, be aware that your kids may not be getting the education you thought they were.

Next time I will tell you where we found our kids education was lacking. Love In Christ!

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