Friday, October 16, 2009


We've been trying to get settled over the past couple weeks in the new apartment. It has been a lot like our favorite pastime - camping! We just got running water and a dishwater hooked up. We have been doing the dishes in the bathtub over the past two weeks. They just put up the cabinets in the kitchen when some of them, in another apartment, collapsed. So they took them down for fear of more falling. Fortunately, no one was hurt. It looks to be a flaw in the wall construction.

Before we arrived, we were very concerned over the size of the place. It is *really* small but is livable. Deb has been hard at
work making the place look like home.

We are living among Austrians now, whereas in Gaming we had little contact. Felicity, Cody, and I are enrolled in German classes. I am excited to be able to converse with the locals beyond simple phrases. Felicity received a note from an Austrian girl, written in German and English, wanting to show Felicity Trumau. What a neat gesture.

Below you'll find the Lee apartment virtual tour.

The entrance and landing.

Sorry for the shot of the toilet. Interesting that there is no sink in that room. You have to go clear to where the bathtub is to find the sink (or the kitchen.)

We altered the coat closet to be my office. It actually works quite nicely.

The kitchen. It is much bigger than the one we had in Gaming. You can see the cabinets are not on the wall. Turning 180 degrees...

You see the dining room and living room. I took the picture of the kitchen from where Eli is sitting, and this picture from the other end of the table.

Down the hall you find the "washroom". It has the sink, bathtub, washer, and dryer.

Zach, Eli, and Zeke's room.

Felicity and Cody's room. The furniture divides the room in half and acts as a wall so they have privacy. Not an optimal set up, but it is impossible to put all four boys in one room.

The Master Suite ;-). We were so happy that we could actually get the bed (king size), the dresser, and an armoire in the room and still be able to have some room to move.

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