Tuesday, September 02, 2008

End of Summer and the New Semester

The end of the summer is here. I never cease to marvel at how fast time passes. It seems like yesterday we were arriving in Frankfurt anxious and excited. Now it is two years later, and I am entering the last year of the STM degree...

The summer concluded with a bang. I took a intensive Latin course the last three weeks of August. It was intense. Four hours-a-day, five days-a-week. I took the Latin proficiency test yesterday and passed. Whew....thanks be to God. Now on to the new semester tomorrow.

The last week of Latin we had a visitor from Boise. Mike Gaudette stopped by for a few days as he was vacationing over here. It was a real treat to see and visit with Mike again. We even got him to Vienna for a little sight seeing.

As I said, I start the new semester tomorrow. I have a nice full line-up of classes. The ITI surely doesn't want a person to be bored while they are here! :-) I am taking:

Greek (New Testament) - first semester of full year of Greek

Metaphysics II - reading Descartes, Hume, Hegel, Kant, and Heidegger

Christology - St. Thomas Aquinas on the Incarnation

Soteriology - St. Thomas Aquinas and others on salvation and redemption

Moral Theology: Law and Grace - St. Thomas Aquinas

Moral Theology: Virtue and Vice - St Thomas Aquinas

I hope you all had a fantastic summer of rest and renewal. Please continue to pray for us as we seek to do the Lord's will.


Theocoid said...

Good luck, Mike. It's amazing how fast the time goes by.

Michael Lee said...

Thanks, Bill. The same to you on your "Deacon endeavors".

Time flies by. My oldest is in high school this year.