Friday, April 04, 2008

Summer Session...

I have recently finalized my summer activities as far as the ITI is concerned. It is plenty! :-) First, I have to write a thesis in order to be awarded the degree. It must be at least 60 pages. At this point, I am intending to write it on the notion of obedience in the New Testament, especially focusing on St. John and St. Paul. It is a fascinating subject when connecting the relationship of obedience between the Father and the Son, the Son and his disciples, and between disciples. I am very excited to do this as I feel the Lord calling to focus on some kind of Scriptural specialization.

Second, because of the interest in Scriptural studies, I will begin an intensive (three hours a day/four or five days a week) Hebrew class starting later in the summer (so I can focus on the thesis in the beginning of the summer). Then in the middle of August, I will begin an intensive Latin course. It will cover an entire year of Latin in three weeks (four hours a day/five days a week). This will allow me to continue the Hebrew during the school year and to begin Greek.


Athanasius contra mundum said...

It sounds like you will be quite busy.

Michael Lee said...'ll keep me off the mean streets of Gaming*!! :-)

*Gaming is the safest, least mean place I have ever been. They really do roll up the streets about 8 p.m.