Friday, December 28, 2007

Pilgrimage to Lisieux...

I finally had the time to get the pictures from our pilgrimage to Lisieux uploaded with captions. Please check it out here: It was an amazing trip. As I was posting the pictures, I was trying to think of what impacted me the most about the trip. It is not easy to put these kinds of experiences into words - even for me!! ;-)

Two things immediately come to my mind:
1) It is the reality of the Saint. We hear so many lofty stories about these people that they take on an almost mythical character. Her reality impressed me more than I thought it would. To see where she said confession, to see where she sat as her family attended Mass really brought home that she was just like us, which made her that much more accessible for me.

2) Her closeness and presence while we were there. St. Therese's presence was palpable. You sensed her eagerness to assist you in getting closer to God. You sensed deep, abiding love. So many prayers were answered as she obtained the graces we so desperately needed.

Please know that we carried everyone of you with us in our hearts. We prayed for you and asked that St. Therese would seek God on your behalf.

I will never forget this trip. It was a time to come, once again, in to close contact with my Carmelite brothers and sisters. It was a time of grace...


Athanasius contra mundum said...

I want to go on pilgrimage to Lisieux someday. Her autobiography really impressed on me that she, a doctor of the Church, was just plain jane. She struggled to pray at times, just like I do. She felt many of the same things that I have felt and yet she still became one of the Church's greatest saints.

Anonymous said...

Wow -thanks for sharing - those were wonderful photos. I want to sit down on your couch and hear the stories of your trip! Grace wants to know "who is that tall boy" (Cody!).