Thursday, March 29, 2007

Breathing with both lungs...

I had to share a very unique experience that occurred over the weekend. First, a bit of background. One of the particularly unique things about The International Theological Institute is the close association of both Latin and Eastern Rites. There is about a 50/50 split between students from the East and from the West. In fact, we have more Eastern Rite priests here than Latin Rite. We have 6 Eastern Rite priests and 2 Latin Rite.

A bit ago I posted some pictures of the Byzantine Chapel (here). Well, over the weekend the Chapel was consecrated. It was an amazing thing to behold. I was unable to be in the chapel during the consecration because it couldn't hold the amount of people. However afterward, the Divine Liturgy was celebrated in the Kartause Maria Thron. That may not seem like that big of deal. Lots of chapels and churches are consecrated. Yep. I agree. The unique thing was who attended the shindig. There were two Cardinals (one Latin Rite one Eastern Rite) and 7 Bishops!! It was an incredible sight as the East and West met with such esteemed people. The vestments, the Liturgy, the chants, the incense, the icons - it was amazing. The Liturgy was prayed in German, English, Old Slavonic, and Romanian. So I wanted to share a few pictures here and then refer you to a picasa web album of the pics I took. The Cardinals were Christoph Cardinal Schönborn and Lubomyr Cardinal Husar. I am unsure of the Bishops names. (click on pics to enlarge.)

Consecration of the Altar by Bishop Hlib Lonchyna.
The Two Cardinals and Bishops

The Two Cardinals - (the boy in the glasses peeking over Cardinal Schönborn's shoulder is Zach.)

The entire group around the altar. I think there were about 20 priests there, also.

Please check out the rest of the pictures here.

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